Become A Florida Hemp Distribution Vendor

List and sell your CBD tinctures, topicals, and other hemp products on the first wholesale CBD platform.

List Your Store In Minutes & Track Sales, Orders, & More

List your store with us quickly with our store wizard and get to tracking everything with our free built-in reports system.

Quickly Spin Up & Edit Each Aspect of Your Products

View all of your products conveniently in one location and access editing tools, unique features like downloadable content, and even put multiple products SKUs into one such as small, medium and large product sizes and charge for each.

Leverage Smart Order Tracking & View Order Analytics

All new and past orders are conveniently located in one place – just select an order, edit it, delete it. Selecting the order provides order details such as customer data, order status, and more.

Team Access and CRM + Order Management System

View individual order details like which products were ordered, customer information for outreach and manage order statuses (processing, shipped, etc.), order notes for the customer or your team only, and more.

Shipping Covered

Free shipping on all orders – we’ll cover the shipping costs for all wholesale purchases made through our platform.

Product Syncing

Sync your products with the store and ensure that you stay current on all of your stock – or manually keep check on it.

Teams Capability

Have a team? Our enterprise solution offers team solutions that you can assign for different tasks like shipping and support.

Your Own Storefront

With our platform, you’ll be furnished with a high quality store to offer your products, manage inventory, check sales, and more.

Guided Store Setup

Never get lost during account setup with our store wizard – add your store branding, hours of operation, contact info, and more.

Increase Orders

Florida Hemp Distribution is a great way for CBD and hemp providers to promote their in-house stores and get massive PO’s.

Built-in Store SEO

Get ‘put on the map’ and make your brand more easily discoverable with Florida Hemp Distribution’s SEO toolkit.

Categories & Tags

Make any category such as ‘CBD Gummies’ & tag it with a ‘CBD’ tag to make it easier for customers to find your products.

Easy Payouts

We make it easy by asking for your PayPal email to instantly route payments to the associated PayPal account.

* Images are illustrative only to share how the store functionality looks like and works. No claims are made and illustration data/context is purely mocked up.

Power Up Your Store

Apply to become a vendor at Florida Hemp Distribution, the first CBD wholesale distribution platform.

Vendor Prerequisites

To become a vendor, we will need some things from you beforehand.

Apply to be a Vendor

List your products for sale at Florida Hemp Distribution.

If you have any other questions that we have not addressed here, feel free to contact us and ask. We will promptly answer any questions that you may have.